How do I Choose the Right Color for My Beard?

In the context of hair colouring, simply dyeing your head of hair is not enough. If you have a beard, it is important to make sure that it matches the newly coloured roots to give a uniform appearance. 

To note, simply dyeing the beard in the same way as your tresses would not work out perfectly without proper preparation first. Beard follicles are comparatively coarser, which means dye absorption would work properly with a different formula. 

To Color Your Beard, taking the support of professional salon stylists should help you have the best outcome imaginable. So, consider the option seriously. 

Best shade for different beard hair colour types 

Depending on your normal hair colour, you should adjust the dye shade for a natural look. For the best care scenario, select a lighter dye hue than your original colour. 

  • Blonde hair 

For blonde-haired men, choosing a dye colour almost similar to their natural hair shade should work best. 

  • Black hair

If you have naturally black hair, buy a dark brown-coloured dye. This would help your skin look less pale after application. 

  • Brunette hair 

For naturally brown or other darker shades that are not completely black, opt for one or two levels lighter dye shade. 

  • Red hair 

If you have a reddish tint to your original hair, you should opt for colours such as hazelnut brown for beard colouring.

How to select the right beard colour dye 

The following are the main steps you should take for choosing the right dye to colour your beard. 

  1. Choose a shade that gives low contrast 

It is important to select a dye that has low contrast with your natural colour. Take a look at your head of hair for reference if you have limited grey hair. A low contrast shade would make sure that any differences with your hair colour after you apply it is subtle to the other viewers. 

  1. Consider your natural grey hair density 

The amount of natural grey hair you have would determine if you need a complete dye application or only a touch-up. At this point, do not add a darker colour. That can look unnatural and imbalanced with your head of hair. 

Here consider this- if you have more than 50% grey hair, use a touch-up or gradual colouring. Additionally, full-coverage traditional dyeing works well for lower than 50% grey hair.

  1. Select a shade that suits your natural hair colour 

You should select your hair colour in the same hue family as your original hair colour. Sticking as close to your original shade would ensure that the coloured beard looks as natural as possible. 

At this point, consider why you need the colouring as well- whether you want grey hair coverage or if you are colouring your tresses, too. 

  1. Consider the ingredients in the dye carefully

A lot of the composition of beard dyes contain toxic ingredients that can harm the natural condition of your skin. This is why it is better to research the ingredient before buying one product. In this context, make sure to opt for a dye with organic ingredients that contain natural properties. 

Commonly, beard dyes contain ammonia. This is useful for opening up the hair cuticles properly for the dye to seep into the follicles. However, they are harmful to the skin and can even cause eye irritation if you use higher doses. So, select hypoallergenic options instead. 

  1. Check out products that are easy to apply 

To note, how easy it is to apply the beard dye depends on the product itself and the tools it comes with. At this point, check if you are buying a DIY kit with necessary items like mixing bowls and gloves present. 

Go for beard dyes that have long-lasting properties; check out online reviews to make your right decision.  

  1. Select on basis of permanency of dye colour 

Consider carefully if the dye you are buying assures of non-permanent or permanent effects. The latter can last for multiple weeks or months. 

If you choose this, you would not have to go for re-dos or touch-ups frequently. In that sense, it is more convenient. However, the effect is long-lasting so you need to choose the perfect beard and hair colour match to have the best look. 

Other types include touch-up-centric products or semi-permanent dyes that can last for some weeks. Take the time to consider your needs to choose which permanency level you require for the dye.

Indeed, for beginners, experts suggest choosing semi-permanent or non-permanent options for a starter-level practice. 

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Overall, opting for beard colouring is useful to maintain an overall attractive and younger appearance. So, you should choose the right shade that subtly adds colour to your beard and appears more natural. Here, taking the help of salon professionals is wise. 

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