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You are not alone! More than 65 million people in America are trying to meet the demands of work. Care for their family, and someone ill or someone with a disability in the family. In fact, managing a busy work schedule, handling chores at home, and taking emotional decisions. While taking care of a loved one, can be quite taxing. There are many families where people are living thousands of miles apart. Separated by countries and continents, and that is when people need home health care agencies. To take care of the aged back at home, all the more. For many families, this is a safe and reliable solution to support the family.

Benefits of hiring home health agencies in Philadelphia

Do you have someone at your home who needs home health care support? Here are a few ways in which good home health care agencies can help.

  • Professionals are available 24/7: If you are taking care of your beloved family member from far away. Reliable home health agencies would be your safest bet. They have trained professionals who have tons of experience in handling aged people and assist patients in myriad ways. – Whether by placing a rug on a slippery floor, or recommending ambulance assistance when needed.
  • Support activities of daily living: Assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs) is perhaps one of the prime needs of patients or old people. In-home services allow adults to receive all kinds of day-to-day help, ranging from personal hygiene and grooming. To help with eating, bathing, and getting dressed. 
  • Skilled nursing at home: There’s no reason to believe that you can’t get skilled nursing. In the comfort of your home. In fact, some of the notable home health agencies in Philadelphia have skilled nurses on their roster. Able to provide all kinds of skilled medical care and trained to handle even the most complex medical needs.
  • Medication management: If your loved one is on multiple medications. It can get quite confusing for him or her to manage it all on their own. Home health care professionals make sure that they take the right medicines at the right times, and do not skip their medicines without being explicitly told to do so by the doctor.
  • Support with diet and nutrition: People who are 65 and above, probably suffering from some chronic condition or recently discharged from the hospital, need the right diet and nutrition to get back to their previous self, at least to a certain extent. In fact, illness, and prolonged bed rest robs people of body strength and turns their immune system weak. Thus, thorough care and home-cooked meals are the only way of battling malnutrition.

Care and companionship:

Recent studies have revealed that aged people tend to stay healthier with social interaction. This is where home health care professionals come into the picture. They become trusted friends for walks, movies, meals, grocery shopping, and medical appointments.

One-on-one focus:

Some of the home health agencies in Philadelphia are truly unique. They offer one-on-one personal care, thus building a strong professional bond with clients. Studies have shown that patients seen by a clinician in the comfort of home, readily trust the health care personnel for their personal and medical needs.

Our recommendation

For many families, home health care agencies are crucial support to help manage caregiving responsibilities. Do you know someone who can benefit from professional and reliable home health care services? Well, in that case, we absolutely recommend Helix Home Health. They are the best when it comes to providing home health services, palliative care, and hospice care. They even have special packages for the aged, helping them through the aging process, and assisting them in things that they fail to do on their own. The place has a team of thoroughly vetted and experienced doctors, nurses, and caregivers to deliver every aspect of caregiving – one that promotes the health, and wellbeing of the patient.

For more info about how Helix Home Health is of help to people, get in touch with them at 215-944-4454. You can even send them a mail at info@helix-homehealth.com and learn about their range of services. Finding the right patient-centric home care service isn’t a hassle anymore.

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