AI for Web Development: Everything You Need To Know

How artificial intelligence can be helpful? You can automate the developers’ related tasks by developing a web app with the use of artificial intelligence. Web development is very important for tech industries and so is artificial intelligence. It is possible to develop a marketing strategy, web design, and chatbot to provide a great user experience with the help of AI. So, is there any possibility that in the coming time, the developers’ life will be affected by AI?

How will you define artificial intelligence?

Just like real humans react, designing machines that are intelligent and give the same reaction is possible. The branch of computer science that does all this is artificial intelligence. Problem-solving, voice recognition, planning, and learning are some activities that humans perform and with the use of artificial intelligence, machines can also do these activities. It is possible to provide the ability of thinking and learning to a computer program with artificial intelligence. Today it is possible to develop smart computers with the use of artificial intelligence.

Importance of artificial intelligence

In our day-to-day life, artificial intelligence can play a very important role. If in the activities of daily life, we will use the technology of artificial intelligence then this will bring a lot of changes in our life.

For understanding the AI’s importance, see a few stats:

  • Accenture says that $1.4 billion was the worth of the AI market across the world in 2016. $60 billion is the expected worth of the AI market all over the world by 2025.
  • MIT says that artificial intelligence can make it possible that by 2030, $15.7 trillion will be the expected global GDP.
  • MIT says that there will be a 40 % rise in the productivity of business because of artificial intelligence.
  •  Accenture says that in the last 20 years a 14 times growth has been seen in the startups of artificial intelligence.
  • MIT says that since 2000, a 6 times growth has been seen in the money spent in the startups of artificial intelligence.
  • Accenture says that among AI’s 2 forms, one form is always used by a large number of smart devices which are nearly 77 %.
  • MIT says, for overcoming the impairments that are cognitive and physical, we can get a lot of help from Cyborg technology.

What is the requirement of implementing artificial intelligence in the development of a website?

A large number of people who want to buy something online, do not waste their time searching. Instead, they go to the website of Amazon so as to buy the products. With the development of web app, our way of buying something online has been changed completely by those firms of e-commerce that are large. Several solutions of artificial intelligence like chatbots and voice search are used by those e-commerce firms that are successful.

If in the process of website development, you want to implement artificial intelligence then it will be advantageous to you in a number of ways:

  • You can have the store’s personalized experience.
  •  It is possible to interact with the visitors of a website in a much-improved manner.
  • For the targeted consumers, it makes digital marketing more effective.
  •  It helps in providing an experience and interaction with the customer that is more relevant.
  • It provides faster searching.

When developing a website with the use of artificial intelligence, some pros and cons are associated with this


  • Optimization of the voice search – Optimization of the voice search is the web development’s trend that is growing at a faster rate. Today as compared to desktop computers, mobile devices are used by a lot of customers. Here you can get a lot of help from artificial intelligence.
  • A content that is personalized – Articles, videos, and blogs come under the content. When after designing content for the audience, you want to show it to them then you will get a lot of help with the AI implementation on your site. As per the past behavior of the users, the relevant content, music, and videos can be suggested by artificial intelligence. Because of this, people can discover content that is new to them with so much comfort.
  • UX – When designing a website, an aspect that is most crucial is user experience. Make your site like that a visitor can access it in an efficient and effective manner. However, if the visitor is unable to do that then he will leave your site. If the client easily finds the product on your site, then he will be happy to purchase it. For improving the customer experience, it will be good to use artificial intelligence in certain web applications that are customer-centric.


  • Interactions that are impersonal – It is not possible to have personal interactions if we implement artificial intelligence in the form of chatbots. The use of artificial intelligence can be easily recognized by the customers.
  • Issues of privacy – The information about the customers like their ideas and data can be extracted very easily if artificial intelligence combines with analysis software. But a large number of consumers do not want to share these details.
  • A lot of people are losing their jobs – As most of the tasks will be performed in an automated manner. So the requirement of the human to do the tasks decreases. Various tasks like designing a mobile application, graphic design, and web design. It can be easily performed with the use of artificial intelligence.

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