A guide to teeth whitening in Canberra

Whether you are gunning for the classic Hollywood smile or perhaps simply not satisfied. With the color of your teeth, getting whiter teeth isn’t easy, and needs some level of commitment. While there are tons of teeth whitening products and quick-fix whitening kits available all around. The professional route is still considered the safest and most reliable process for achieving teeth whitening in Canberra.

Everything you wanted to know about teeth whitening

Everybody’s teeth respond differently:

  • That’s right! Everybody’s teeth respond differently to different teeth whitening products. This is basically due to the thickness of your enamel. It’s worth mentioning that teeth whitening only whitens the enamel and not the roots. Moreover, teeth with enamel wear take longer to attain the desired look. Fillings, bridges, implants, and crowns may have to be changed. After the process to match the new shade of your teeth.

Time depends on the look:

  • Laser teeth whitening can usually be done in a one-hour appointment, and a minimum of 3 days of top-up tray use at home. For just 30 minutes each day. However, sometimes, people prefer a really white teeth, and thus end up using top-up trays for about 7-14 days.

Do not overdo it:

  • Most reliable dentists would provide a home shade guide for you to monitor your teeth whitening progress, though your friends and family members can also help. Alternatively, you can also send a picture of your teeth to the clinic, so that your dentist can match it against an in-clinic shade guide and advise accordingly. However, when monitoring it yourself, try not to overdo it, unless of course, you are going for a far whiter look or a super white glow.

Avoid pigmented food:

  • For a few days, when you opt for teeth whitening in Canberra, try following a whiter food diet. This includes chicken, rice, fish, bread, pasta, and potatoes. If you’re a vegetarian, try opting for chickpeas, cauliflower, and celery. You can also consume clear spirits, milk, or even milky tea and coffee, but should refrain from having red wine and try to avoid smoking. If you are fond of smoothies or juices, you can drink them using a straw.

May experience side-effects:

  • Sensitivity of the teeth is often reported by people who undergo the treatment, but it is only a temporary side-effect, one that goes away when you use sensitive toothpaste. You may even experience soreness of the gums, but that too is nothing alarming and subsides soon. Use lukewarm water for mouth rinses to treat the soreness. During the at-home process, do not use too much gel and wipe the excess away, as otherwise, it will irritate the gums.

Long-lasting results:

  • For long-lasting results, try having a whiter diet in general, and drink staining fluids only through straws. Also, pay your dentist a visit every six months for check-ups and cleaning. If you are into having lots of red wine or perhaps smoke a lot, a check-up every three months is more suited for you. This way, your teeth whitening results can last up to five years!

Key takeaway

To get the best teeth whitening results, it is essential to visit a professional and reliable dental surgery, as they have the best experience in handling cosmetic dentistry. That being said, laser whitening can’t achieve the result on its own. It merely treats the surface of the teeth. Thus, for best, long-lasting results, you have to follow it up with at-home top-up trays, which whitens the teeth from inside.

Everyone wants a bright smile, but only a few know how to get it done. Talk to the experts. Seek professional help. Most whitening products available over the internet or in shops aren’t reliable, and that is why, seeking professional help for it becomes all the more necessary. Visit a dental surgery and find out how they can help you in getting the classic Hollywood smile you so desire.

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